Accredited schemes
The Accreditation of Company Training Schemes (ACTS) is for companies who wish to have their training schemes validated by the Institute of Physics. Accreditation indicates that the training scheme has the appropriate criteria for working towards Registered Status. We currently offer 6 professional registrations all of which a company can be accredited for. These are Chartered Physicist, Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer, Engineering Technician, Registered Scientist and Registered Science Technician.
ACTS ensures that in addition to accumulating the necessary technical skills, the trainees also acquire the necessary transferable skills (such as teamwork, oral and written communication and presentation skills), which have wide application in all working environments, and are vital attributes of the true professional. Such schemes direct graduates toward Registered Status, as well as helping them plan and develop their careers.
As well as increasing your appeal to potential employees, companies who have successfully gained accreditation will receive a range of support from the IOP including benchmarking opportunities and access to networks of other accredited organisations to share best practice.
If you are interested in seeking accreditation for your training scheme, please contact [email protected]
The following companies have received accreditation for their training scheme: