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Advice on choosing your supporters
Advice on choosing your supporters

Guidance on supporters
When applying for professional registration you need to nominate supporters. Their role is to check and verify that the information you have presented in your application is factually correct. So, it is important that your supporters have worked with you in a professional capacity. Ideally, your supporters will also hold a professional registration, but it is not mandatory.

How many supporters do I need?
You will need to nominate two supporters but, occasionally, a third might be required if your application covers periods spent in multiple organisations.

Choosing your supporters
Your supporters play a crucial role in your application process, and they can influence how quickly your application progresses. It is important that you select individuals who can be relied upon to respond to the Membership team in a timely manner. If your supporters are new to this process, it is advisable to explain the important role they play in your application process, and what is required of them.

Before applying, please confirm with your supporters that they are willing and able to verify your experience. They should be contactable, via email, for several months after you submit your application. Please ask them to provide an email address, one that doesn’t have a high security level, as this can impede communications and delay your application.

First supporter
This must be someone who has known you professionally, working at a senior level to you, and with direct knowledge of your role and responsibilities. This could be fulfilled by your current line manager, employer, head of department or faculty, head teacher or training scheme mentor.

Second (and third if required) supporter(s)
This must be someone who has known you professionally at a relevant point in your career. 

Contact the Membership Team
Please email 
[email protected] or call 020 7470 4800 for further information.