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Chartered Physicist (CPhys)
The title Chartered Physicist is exclusive to Institute of Physics. It is the aspiration of members engaged at the leading edge of all fields of physics and its applications.
Chartered Physicist (CPhys)

This registration is for members who are effective leaders and experts in their fields. You will be using your physics knowledge and skills to develop solutions to complex problems and exercising significant levels of responsibility for a sustained period of time.

What are the requirements for CPhys?
You will need to provide evidence that you meet the above description through demonstrating your competence across five areas. You will provide examples from your working life.

The competence areas are:

  • Application of general and specialist knowledge
  • Application of physics to the analysis and solution of problems
  • Technical and managerial skills
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Professional conduct

For more information on the competences, please click here for the application guidance.

You will also have to demonstrate your commitment to regularly undertaking professional development activities to ensure your skills and knowledge remain up to date.

What qualifications do I need for CPhys?
For CPhys, you will need to demonstrate your breadth and depth of physics knowledge through an accredited qualification or demonstrate equivalence through one of the outlined options below.  


  • IOP-accredited integrated Master’s degree (e.g. MPhys/MSci)

Demonstrating equivalence:

  • An accredited Bachelor’s degree or completion of the Core of Physics along with any one of the following
    • Master’s equivalence report
    • MSc/PhD abstract of a non-accredited course
    • Teaching qualification and statement of assessment

To check if your course is accredited, please refer to the IOP Register of accredited programmes. We also have a dedicated section for those who have completed Open University degrees. These registers will allow you to check whether your qualification is accredited or if you will need to demonstrate equivalence through one of the aforementioned options.

If you are unsure if your degree is accredited, please email 
[email protected]. For full details on demonstrating equivalence, please contact [email protected]

Applicants should use the online application form which includes a Professional Review Report section and a dedicated section for demonstrating equivalence. Please refer to the Application Guidance notes before starting your application to ensure that you have all the relevant information.

Applicants will need to identify two supporters; please click here for guidance on choosing your supporters.

How do I apply for CPhys?
Membership of the IOP is a requirement. If you are not a member, please click here to apply.

When you feel ready to apply for CPhys, please click here

Contact the Membership Team
Please email [email protected] or call 020 7470 4800 for further information.