Dorsa Nasrollahi Shirazi
IOP activities and resources are helping me to make informed decisions about my career choices.

I joined in my first year, as I was intrigued by the many opportunities that IOP offers, as well as inspired by the talks given by established physicists on their cutting-edge research. In addition, I enjoyed the networking events hosted by IOP as it provided me with the opportunity to meet other physics students and professionals. Moreover, I was very excited to attend the CAPS conference during the summer, which was also a great way to extend my network. Therefore, to help my professional career and make my university life more enjoyable, I decided to join IOP.

In the future, I plan to do a Master’s and PhD in Physics and Philosophy. I aim to apply my physics background to humanitarian services and volunteering.

IOP has supported my future professional career by providing me the opportunities to get involved in different areas of physics, from teaching to industry to research. It has provided me the chance to build a substantial network with people who are in markedly different stages of their career, which has also allowed me to find out what I am interested to do in the future as I could talk to professionals and understand what they are doing. In terms of studies, attending the many talks that IOP offers has allowed me to find what area of physics I am interested in, and what I could potentially pursue in the future.

I have been given the opportunity to attend many talks and going to conferences. These services are very important to me as it has allowed me to build a professional network and meet other students who are in the same position as me.

I was motivated to join the IOP student committee to bring what I thought students would enjoy and need. Being on this committee has provided me the opportunity to organize events on a wider scale, to bring students from all over the UK together, and allow them to explore physics. In addition, the events were an opportunity to meet other physics students who I would otherwise not meet.

I am excited to think about how we can develop this further in the future, how we can expand and find interesting events to organize.

I aim to apply my physics background to humanitarian services and volunteering.

I think people should join because IOP offers so many resources, ranging from a monthly issue of Physics World to IOP social events. In addition, IOP offers much information about career pathways, talks, networking events, and volunteering.

Being a member of IOP means being part of a community of fellow scientists who I may work alongside with in the future. It also means being part of an institution that provides so much for students and fellows. In short, it means being a member of a network of like minded people.