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I’ve had the privilege to manage pioneering, multidisciplinary and educational projects.

Like the architecture of the city of London, where it has its home, the Institute of Physics seems able to mix an ancient discipline with a modern communication providing several benefits and services to a worldwide community of people united by a genuine passion for science. The IOP offers powerful tools to stay connected with the latest news in physics.

I’ve always been fond of both the UK and physics, thence you can easily imagine the strong emotion I felt when the postman delivered me the IOP certificate of membership in 2007!

Among the amazing variety of resources supplied by IOP, I particularly appreciate the information and guidance from the Education because I am a secondary school teacher. I graduated from “La Sapienza” University of Rome with an MSc in Chemical Engineering, and was qualified by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR).

I’ve been teaching mathematics and physics at the Scientific High School “G.B. Grassi” (pupils aged 14-19 years) of Latina (Italy) since 2001, holding various positions including: School Delegate for Public Relations; Secretary of the School Council and director of the Planetarium “Livio Gratton”.

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During my career I’ve had the privilege to manage pioneering, multidisciplinary and educational projects including the Centennial of Einstein’s General Relativity (GR100-2016); the Innovatio Scientia Sapientia (ISS2017); the 2018 Io dico l’Universo, International Day of Light (IDL2018); the European Researchers’ Night (ERN2018) and the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT2019).

As a member of international scientific societies (e.g., the European Physical Society, the Athens Institute for Education & Research and the International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation), I’ve been given the opportunity to participate in numerous conferences, to write peer-reviewed papers and even to be awarded several prizes. During some of these galvanizing experiences, I was lucky to meet other IOP members with whom I had stimulating conversations about classical, modern and frontier physics.

As an Italian citizen, I’m proud of the special relationship between the Italian Physical Society (SIF) and IOP with jointly promoted initiatives like the Giuseppe Occhialini Medal and Prize.

I am also very proud and excited to be a nominee for the IOP International Grant for 2019.

Finally, IOP publishes captivating and enriching literature ranging from the most advanced technological discoveries to the deepest ethical questions related to science; it is a true pleasure to see solid scientific contents presented in a fresh communicating style.