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Fellowship - how to apply
Fellow is the highest level of membership attainable within IOP and is for those with a degree in physics or related subject (or equivalent knowledge gained in the workplace) and who have made a significant impact on their sector.

We encourage all experienced professionals to apply, whether teachers, engineers, company directors, industry specialists, senior professional technicians, academics or researchers.

Please refer to the application guidelines (PDF, 775KB) before starting your application.


Application flow diagram


Fellowship costs £146 a year and there is no application fee. When you are ready to apply, complete the online application form. Your application will then be peer-reviewed by a panel that will acknowledge and confirm your success.

Fellowship benchmarking criteria

You will need to select 3-5 of the below criteria to be assessed against, as part of your fellowship application.

  • Personal responsibility for innovation, providing demonstrable benefits for your business, employer, society or other stakeholders;
  • Industrial or interdisciplinary collaboration, providing demonstrable benefits for business, employer, society or other stakeholders;
  • Personal responsibility for, and effective use of, significant resources (such as budget, personnel or facilities);
  • Track record of successful project management, in a senior role, with significant impact;
  • Original research, significantly contributing to the advancement of physics, physics education, or the application of physics to significantly advance knowledge in other areas;
  • Award of patents, or other formal recognition of invention, with demonstration of their impact;
  • Attainment of major research grants, showing progression and impact;
  • Creation of a successful business, charity or enterprise, in a relevant sector;
  • Acknowledged expertise in developing innovative new courses or teaching methods;
  • Established reputation as a physics teacher at school or college level, regionally or nationally;
  • Prominent service on national or international professional committees or editorial boards;
  • Effective contributions to the public understanding of science;
  • Setting of national or international policy, whether affecting education, research or other scientific areas;
  • Demonstrate significant impact through physics-based outreach and engagement activities or high-profile promotion of the importance of physics;
  • Effective contribution to diversity and inclusion and/or widening participation in physics;
  • Demonstration of long-standing commitment to the training, development or mentoring of others;
  • Successful use of physics, resulting in positive impacts on society, sustainability or the environment; and
  • Sustained and effective contributions to the enhancement of the profession e.g. through supporting the work of the IOP or demonstrating the value of a physics education.

Get in touch

If you have any queries about applying, or are unsure of your eligibility, we encourage you to get in touch as the process is often more straightforward than people think. Call us on 020 7470 4800, send an email to [email protected], or submit your details and we will arrange to call you.