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Enzo Bonacci, Fellow

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Heather Beaumont

Heather Beaumont CPhys, Fellow

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David Homfray

David Homfray CPhys CEng, Fellow

Dorsa Nasrollahi Shirazi

Dorsa Nasrollahi Shirazi, Associate Member

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Adam Powell, Member

Deborah Phelps

Deborah Phelps, Member

Emily Aveyard

Emily Aveyard, Member

Jessica Boland

Dr Jessica Boland, Member

Elliot Johnson

Elliot Johnson, Associate Member

Martin Hendry

Professor Martin Hendry MBE, Fellow

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Dr Niamh Kavanagh, Member

Dr Arnab Basu

Dr Arnab Basu MBE, Fellow

Becky King

Becky King RSciTech, Associate Member

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Mark Cunningham, Associate Member

Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis, Member

Cian McKeown

Cian McKeown, Member