Partnering with HEaTED
The Institute of Physics has partnered with HEaTED to offer our members a range of professional development opportunities to support them in staying on top of their career and further develop their professional skills. So, whether you hold professional registration and want to maintain your registration or you’re starting out in your career, HEaTED has a wide range of courses specifically designed for working in technical roles.

What is HEaTED?

Higher Education and Technician Education Development (HEaTED) is a membership based organisation, part of the National STEM Learning Centre in York. With over 75+ member organisations and 9000+ technicians, HEaTED delivers professional development activities, face-to-face networking and facilitation and advisory services, including technical management and leadership expertise, to all disciplines and specialisms.

Access to over 250 specialist technical courses, with up to 50% discount on a selection of courses through IOP membership. HEaTED deliver on-demand and on-site learning, including discounted rates on specialist and soft skills professional training.

  • Discounted coaching support for technicians to become a course provider to help generate income, building confidence and raising profile and recognition.

  • Discounted access to HEaTED’s bespoke Competency Assessment Toolkit for Technical Staff (CATTS) to support development and appraisal process.

  • Discounted facilitation and advisory support for technical service functions – delivered by senior technical professionals with strong HE expertise and focus on value for money services, to help you with technical strategic and operational challenges. HEaTED provides a free consultation scoping visit at your organisation to discuss your needs, including training needs analysis, managed learning and training services provision, project and change management support.

  • Free access to 10 regional face-to-face networking events for technicians across the UK – HEaTED manages five Regional Networks through a dedicated network team to enable technicians from neighbouring institutions to meet and discuss hot topics, share best practice, and promote development opportunities, and more. HEaTED’s National Network of Arts Technicians provides dedicated events for those in arts and media related disciplines.

  • Free Online access to virtual community groups with over 3,000 registered technicians.

  • UK wide technician communication channels to update and connect technicians across the UK thought HEaTED magazines and monthly newsletters, blogs and tweets.

  • All professional development opportunities provided by HEaTED can be used as CPD evidence/credits on applications for and renewal of Professional Registration or HEA Fellowship

  • HEaTED is an official Resource Partner to the Technicians Commitment and can support you in meeting all areas of the commitment.

If you're a member of IOP, please login to IOPConnect and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see your HEaTED membership discount code.

For more detail, here's a list of HEaTED courses.

If you're not a member of IOP take a look at the membership options.